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U C MAS offers an excellent business opportunity for all dynamic young men and women of India and Indians settled abroad who wish to join the U C MAS, India family as business associates. A minimal investment of resources and time is the only criterion.
A fantastic business opportunity awaits, where no prior experience in any field is necessary. All that is needed is the ability to manage, administer and market lifetime skills for children so as to develop them into worthy citizens of tomorrow.
The corporate office in Chennai and its experienced professionals will give all the necessary guidance and support to initiate this wonderful business opportunity. Once a business associate/franchisee, the franchisee will receive intensive counselling on this novel concept.
U C MAS will provide the brand name, logo, course contents, examination material and monitoring systems. U C MAS will also annually arrange for examinations and issue certificates of international repute – all this in addition to our professional support in administrative, technical and marketing functions.
National Franchisee : U C MAS India office, located at Vadodara, www.UCMAS.in is the National Franchisee for India for M/s Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik, U C MAS Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia, having the exclusive authority to carry out franchise operations in India.
The franchise network in the states of Gujrat are being handled directly by the National Franchisee, from their office at Vadodara. The other states’ franchise operations are being handled through the Master Franchisees for the respective states, with their administrative offices at the state headquarters or the major city in the state.

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