UCMAS Benefits


C For Concentration:- Since UCMAS is a brain development program with emphasis on speed children who undergo this program, get trained to concentrate on what their course instructor train them in a class. A second of lost concentration will get them a wrong answer and hence they form the habit of concentrating on either numbers spoken out to them or the flashing of cards done by their instructor.
O For Observation :- UCMAS is a unique program that builds the observation power within a child. The use of flash card will ensure the built up of Observation. Since the emphasis is on fast image recognition and accuracy, the brain become like a scanner, which scans the surrounding and follows the eye movement thus increasing the observation power within a child.
M For Memory : - In UCMAS program , children are required to manipulate beads thus creating images, which are retained in the brain. When speedy calculation is required to be done , when either numbers are spoken out or cards are flashed, the child has to quickly identify the image, and recall the corresponding number that has been retained in the brain .
I For Imagination :- For proper imagination , it is required to have well developed visualization ability and for this it is required to trigger both sides of the brain , specially the right side of the brain which is the visual brain . Abacus is a tool that uses both hand operation which in turn helps trigger the right brain cell.
C For Creativity :- Creativity stems from a well developed right brain . In the UCMAS program, most of the calculation and finger movements are done by the left hand, which is controlled by the right side of the brain. So more left and movement more will be the development of the right side of the brain . Creativity also needs good imagination skills that have already been enhanced by this program.

J For Judgment : - Judgment requires a balance brain. To be a good judge, one requires appreciating both sides of the issue. To understand and appreciate perspectives, context as well as study the logical part of the story. To analyze one vision and perspective you require a strong right brain whereas to understand logic and analyze the situation , one requires a strong left brain. UCMAS helps develop both sides of the brain , thus ensuring a good judgment within a child.
A For Application: - Application is the art of understanding a situation or a context and then applying all your wisdom and knowledge to give a better meaning to the situation . A good memory, good judgment and a well-balanced brain will help a child enhance his/her application skills. UCMAS program enhances al these required skills
R For Reasoning: - To reason about anything or with anyone, you require a well-balanced , logical and analytical brain. UCMAS creates a well developed brain by training both sides of the brain used abacus , tools like flash cards and techniques like jumbled writing, speed, writing, etc.,
S For Self-Confidence:- A child self-confidence becomes very high when he stand out in the class or when people recognize his or her unique capabilities. With exceptionally strong memory , powerful focus and concentration power and with enhanced arithmetical skills with high accuracy and speed, a child’s confidence is sure to get a real boost